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Pay attention to the gesture of holding the glass when drinking


Longshan spring craft beer manufacturer:

Keep your glass clean

In order to ensure the purity of beer, the first step is to complete the beer glass clean, such as pour wine before using cold water to brush the glass again, the clean glass will be put in the refrigerator to cool down. Clean method still pays attention to inevitable gesture. After scour with spout water, scour again with clean water.

Pay attention to the gesture of holding the cup

When pouring beer, the fingers can only lift the lower part of the glass, not to hold it too high, not to touch the mouth of the glass, to ensure the cleanliness of the first, to stop causing discomfort to guests. Beer, don't too hard when beer into the glass, the height of the glass bottle interval is 3 ~ 5 cm is best, should slow down the glass glass fell down, don't too hard, as in beer can see the bubble rising and recognition to the delicate white foam, people call it the flower of beer, and can smell a nasal spray of malt and hops nasal spray.

When beer bottle and glass show right Angle pour wine, wine pours toward the center of the cup, always pour until the bubble rises to the mouth of the cup. After a while, pour again into the center of the glass until the foam is coronal and extends beyond the rim.

Fill it twice

Pour the beer 20 cm from the top of the glass and twist the glass around. Pause on the way until the foam is half full. Especially when the beer is poured into the mug with the belt, it is the easiest to get frothy. It is not helpful to store the froth twice. The froth has the function of preventing oxidation and should be drunk with the froth.

Beer and foam 3:1

Pour wine when, bottle mouth does not cut near cup edge, can follow cup wall to inject, the beginning is sluggish, accelerate gradually next, when showing bubble again decelerate, if allow to make bubble more durable. After filling, the volume of liquid takes up 3/4 cup of the group volume and the volume of foam takes up 1/4 cup.

Pour the wine after you finish it

Don't pour new bottles of beer into a leftover beer glass. It will crush the taste of the new beer. The best way is to drink it dry before pouring. Therefore, while pouring beer, may I ask the guest: would you like some more wine? So a guest who knows the trick will say: wait a minute, then pick up the glass and finish the rest of the wine and ask someone to pour in the new beer. In addition, when pouring beer, be careful not to empty the beer in one breath. When the beer in the bottle is less than half full, swing the bottle, shake the sediment inside well and pour it into the glass.

Don't drink beer too slowly

Beginning is to choose appropriate itself or itself on the taste preferences of beer flavor, such as strong European flavor of beer, thinner American flavor of beer, insipid flavor of Japanese beer, mild Chinese flavor of beer, alienation also slightly bitter taste, sweet and delicious fruit juice flavor of beer, etc., so much more can experience the beer tastes good.

When the beer is slowly poured into the cup, when the foam rises tengly, you can appreciate the white and delicate foam, people call it the flower of beer, and can smell a malt spray nose and hops spray nose, and then again to drink, to bring a kind of warm, refreshing, warm and calm feeling.

Drink beer to be fast, do not shallow pour slow drink beer method is different from drinking strong wine, should not drink fine slow drink, or the wine is warming in the mouth to reduce bitterness, affect the taste. Some people always don't understand the beauty of beer, probably because of drinking it the wrong way. This article comes from the Internet

Longshan spring craft beer

Longshan spring craft beer


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