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Beer should not be eaten with bacon


Longshan spring craft beer manufacturer:

Proper amount of beneficial beer is made from wheat teeth, rice, hops, beer yeast and brewing water. Its main characteristics are low alcohol content, rich in sugar, vitamins, amino acids, potassium, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients. Beer has a high water content, can quench thirst; At the same time, the organic acid in beer has a fresh, refreshing effect. On the one hand can reduce excessive excitement and tension, and can promote muscle relaxation; On the other hand, it can stimulate nerves and promote digestion. In addition, the low content of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid in beer can increase the blood supply to the brain, expand coronary arteries, and accelerate the metabolic activities of the human body by providing blood to stimulate the kidneys. And, beer still has "prevent disease" function, according to the experiment of American California medical center shows: moderate drinker beer than abstainer and alcohol maniacal can reduce the chance of heart disease, canker disease, and can prevent hypertension and other disease. Excessive pathogenic because the alcohol content of beer is not high, but once excessive, alcohol absolute increase, will increase the burden of the liver and directly damage the liver tissue, increase the burden of the kidney, cardiac function will be weakened. In the long run this can lead to heart failure, heart rhythm disorders. Research proves, excessive drinkable beer, not only do not have the effect that prevents hypertension and heart disease, still promoted arterial sclerosis conversely, heart disease and fatty liver wait for a disease happening, development. Drink beer in large quantities, make gastric mucous membrane is damaged, cause gastritis and peptic ulcer, appear on abdomen unwell, inappetent, abdomen bilges, belch and the symptom such as acid regurgitation. A lot of people like to drink iced beer in summer, bring about temperature of gastrointestinal tract to drop, capillary constriction, make digestive function drops. Because beer nutrition is rich, generation quantity of heat is big, place contains nutrition composition to be able to be absorbed by human body mostly, long-term and large quantities of drinking can cause adipose accumulation inside body, cause big abdomen to be pooped up, form "beer abdomen". Patients often have elevated blood lipid and blood pressure. Relevant data also show that patients with atrophic gastritis, urinary system stones, and so on, drinking large quantities of beer will lead to the recurrence of old disease or aggravation of the disease. This is because brewing beer malt juice contains calcium, oxalic acid, black nucleotide and purine nucleotide, etc., they interact with each other, can make the amount of uric acid in the human body more than double, not only promote the formation of gallstones, but also can induce gout. Just now, drinking beer in moderation can prevent diseases, but the opposite is true, if you drink too much, it will reduce the body's ability to respond. People who drink more than five litres of beer a day are the most likely to develop colorectal cancer, Australian experts have found. Special people avoid the following categories of people who should not drink beer: patients with digestive tract diseases, such as gastritis, gastric ulcer, colitis patients; Liver disease patient, have the person of acute and chronic liver disease, its liver function is not perfect, cannot produce its in time detoxification to wait for a function, produce alcohol poisoning easily, and alcohol can injure liver cell directly; Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and pregnant women should not drink beer. Professor xiong also noted that some people are allergic to alcohol, a beer will appear allergic rash, this kind of people drink. In addition, infants, the elderly, the weak and some patients with cold deficiency should not drink beer. Healthy drinking beer is like other food, too much or not at the time, not only does not play the role of nutrition body, but also damage to the body. How to drink beer healthily? Experts say moderation is the first step. Adult every time drinkable amount should not exceed 300 milliliter (less than a cans), a day does not exceed 500 milliliter (a beer bottle is measured), every time drinkable 100 ~ 200 milliliter are more appropriate. Secondly, the temperature must be appropriate. Drinking beer is the most appropriate temperature in 12 ~ 15 ℃, the bouquet and bubble are at their best, and refreshing feeling when drinking. Some people like to drink ice-cold beer, but experts think, ice-cold beer can clear the heat and thirst without any scientific basis, ice-cold beer not only affects the color and taste of beer, but also the loss of nutrition. In addition, burning hot summer, drink 7 ~ 8 bottles of iced beer to be able to make gastric mucous membrane temperature drops suddenly at a time, cause stomachache and indigestion easily, cause a cold even. And, after drinking ice-cold beer, volume of gastric bowel expands, bring about gastric wall dilate, the ache attack that invites cankerous disease causes acute perforation even, cause peritonitis thereby. Finally, it should be noted that beer should not be served with pickled and smoked food. It is better to drink beer with light dishes and fruits, and peanuts are the best accompaniment. Drinking beer should not be: 1. Drinking beer should not be excessive; 2. 2. Patients with digestive system should not drink beer; 3. It is not recommended to take medicine with beer; 4. Do not eat salted and smoked food at the same time; 5. Do not drink with strong liquor; Don't drink beer after sweating. 7. Thermos bottles should not be used for bulk beer storage; 8. Do not drink beer that has been stored for a long time; Don't drink cold beer. This article comes from the Internet

Longshan spring craft beer

Longshan spring craft beer


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