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Longshanquan pure draft beer

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Longshan spring raw beer is brewed without filtration


Longshan spring raw material beer is not filtered or processed at high temperature in the brewing process, and the fresh taste and rich nutrition of the hazy raw material are completely preserved. The key is to retain a large number of active yeast.

Yeast, which is rich in fresh yeast in longshanquan raw beer, is a kind of nutritionally rich and balanced edible microorganism. After absorbing the essence of malt, beer yeast brews delicious beer and forms a balanced nutrition unit which is especially suitable for human body. Beer yeast contains almost no fat, starch and sugar, but contains complete protein. Beer yeast contains balanced amino acids, natural vitamins that cannot be produced in the human body, especially the complete b-group vitamin group. Beer yeast contains 14 life - binding minerals, functional dietary fiber.


Longshan spring raw beer is a raw beer liquor without water, filtration or inactivation process to retain fresh yeast. The raw beer has turbidity due to the active yeast, rich foam, strong aroma, fresh and pure taste, and unique flavor. It is the real liquid bread in the beer family.

Longshan springs protoplasmic beer is the entire brewed beer fermentation liquid aseptic condition, to retain the active substance and nutrients, is fresh beer, completely retained the fermentation process of amino acid, protein, and a lot of potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc and other trace elements, the key is to keep a large amount of active yeast, can effectively improve the body's digestion and absorption function, but also maintain the original, fresh beer taste, stay, golden color and rich foam, as white as milk, exquisite, lasting hanging cup, beer in the product, is existing beer can not match.

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